It's not about innovation always.... It's sometimes about re-creating things acknowledge the learners in a better way. Students can indulge into the basics of technology called - Arduino and take a step towards Automation.


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Mutebreak is our very first partner since the beginning of our startup. It's idea to innovate students hand make at online platform made us think more about researching with the possibilities of improving and doing more for making students life simple and easy. Mutebreak is a company that provides students and the school to make their magazine online so that it can reach to students of various schools and this keeps them connected even after the school. It's always about moving ahead.

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When you want to make things happen then you don't bother about anything that brings hurdle. The same way, our second partner in those initial days made us feel proud about what we are doing. An online platform to make all the daily products available at each one's door started with the aim to take Jharkhand towards digital process successfully. It's a step to take Jharkhand towards practicality and help them think broadly. Young minds of this state are having caliber to achieve success and define themselves.

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It's easy to think and create one's own journey. But, it's definitely difficult to create and enjoy others successful journey. Assemble Jamshedpur us one of them. Involving oneself into others problem to give them an universal solution is not so easy, rather it takes time and helping hands to reach out to those who need it. A great initiative taken by entire team to promote startups throughout their reach is possible. They combine people from different backgrounds and provide them a common platform to talk about.

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