Frequently Asked Questions

1. Your responsibility as Teckat Student Intern Partner?

  • Promote all the courses going on at Teckat Webinar Series.
  • Help your friends to find out the best live courses.
  • Help them enroll in the favourable courses as per their field of interest.

2. How long will the T-SIP 3.0 be conducted?

  • 45 days

3. Can I apply for this internship if I am a school student?

  • Yes, you can definitely apply for this internship because it is based on education.

4. How much money can I earn during T-SIP 3.0?

  • There is no limitation to the count of earning incentive. You can earn as much as you want. It all depends on your performance and way of working during the internship.

5. Will I be certified for this internship?

  • Yes, definitely you will be certified with the internship if you successfully complete this internship. Also you can achieve a special certificate if you perform well during special bonus days.

6. Can I ask my friends also to enroll in this internship?

  • Yes, anybody who is interested to enroll and work as T-SIP can apply for this internship.

7. How to earn more incentives?

  • Promote the events as much as you can specially during bonus weeks and bonus days. The more is the registration done, more incentives you add in your account.

8. How will I receive my incentives?

  • Teckat team will assist you through mail to fill the documents where we can release your incentive amount after the completion of T-SIP.

9. I have some other queries other than mentioned?

  • You can mail us at [email protected] We will respond to your queries as soon as possible.

10. How many hours do I need to work during Internship?

  • There is no fix hours to work. You are free to work in any flexible hours. The only requirement is, you have to complete your work.

11. Do you need a desktop to work in this internship?

  • No, you don't need any desktop or laptop for this internship. But you must have a smart phone to continue in the internship.