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Why you should opt for embedded system?

The entire future technologies will be based on embedded and it is good if someone start practising embedded system from now itself.

What is the meaning of embedded system?

When many components are embedded on a single chip and used for several specific purposes then it is termed as a part of embedded system.

What are the basic applications that can be useful to the students learning embedded system?

It has many applications, some of them are:

  • Making your own gesture controllers.
  • Making your home appliances fully automated.
  • Making voice controlled small robots.

How to attend workshop?

The procedure is:

  • Go to the website followed by
  • Go to the contact page and submit your query.
  • Once we get your response, we will contact you soon.

Will you be trained in the workshop?

Yes, you will be trained with all the equipment required for the workshop.

What are the different workshops that we conduct?

We conduct workshop on Embedded System (Arduino, Node Mcu, Raspberry Pi), Web Development(HTML, CSS, PHP,JavaScript), App Development,etc….

Do you need any pre-knowledge before attending the workshop?

Pre-knowledge of any programming language is not at all required because we always start from scratch.

How to pay the amount during registration of any of the workshops?

You need to pay amount either by online or in the given centre before the last date of registration.For further details visit .

Are such practical knowledge useful to engineer?

The projects that an engineer should do and which will help them in their future jobs can be implemented only by this type of practical knowledge.

What will be the place of attending the workshop?

The workshop will be conducted either in your respected school/college or in a specific centre of your city/town.

For how many days workshops will be conducted?

Workshops are usually conducted for 1-2 days depending upon the type of workshop.

How to contact you for any queries?

The procedure is:

  • Go to the website followed by
  • Go to the contact page and submit your query.
  • Once we get your response, we will contact you soon.

What will be the equipment’s given during the workshop?

All equipment’s that are required for the workshop will be provided to you.

What will be the overall cost of the workshop?

The cost of the workshop depends upon the type of workshop conducted. Usually, the amount ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000 per head.

Whether the equipment’s will be given individually or in a group?

The choice of group or individuality is totally your`s

How can we buy the equipment’s?

For any equipment you can directly contact us or mail us your requirements at [email protected] and after that we will contact you via call soon.

Can we take the equipment’s home after the workshop gets completed?

It totally depends on which type of workshop you paid for. For any further assistance contact us on